Team Building Activities

Team Building activities are adapted to the specific company's needs and can incorporate or be adjusted from the following program.

The Fantastic Forest Adventure

Push your teams to their limits as they run through a gauntlet of challenges throughout The Forest Club, including the tricky Spider Web, the daring Forest Canopy Walk, the deadly Minefield, and the intimidating Lagoon Crossing. It’s a race to the finish where they must take the form of a Human Centipede.

the fantastic forest adventure, The Forest Club

In Hot Water

Don’t be fooled by the allure of the hot springs swimming pool. Within its depths lie possible challenges for participants to face. Maybe they need to dive in to find treasure. Or maybe they need to fill ‘er up as fast as they can.

In Hot Water, The Forest Club

Mud crawl:  Good for the Skin, Great for the Soul

This final challenge is the ‘cherry on top’ for your experience at Forest Club. At the end of the team building program, the team with the lowest score must go through the notoriously fun Forest Club Mudcrawl together. In a show of solidarity, other participants often join the losing team in the fun. Afterwards, it’s the perfect time for a group hug!

Mud Crawl, The Forest Club