It's that Time of Year Again for your Team to ...


Get away from the daily grind. 


Think and grow stronger together. 


Become inspired again to win!




This year, make sure your Team Building is an Effective One.  

Playworks, the resident Team Building Facilitators of The Forest Club in Laguna, designs programs that will address your organization’s specific needs and objectives while keeping participants engaged and interacting with each other all throughout. Years of experience serving the top 500 companies in the country has given Playworks the knowledge and tools to address the most prevalent challenges faced by today’s Philippine workforce.

Our Coaches deliver maximum value through debriefing and processing of each activity, where we draw observations and insights from the participants themselves. In this way, they not only learn from us but they also learn from each other.  Give your team a break from the daily grind, take them out of their comfort zones, and challenge them to break barriers and exceed their limits, all in a really fun and engaging way that only Playworks and Forest Club can provide!

Simply fill out the form to the right, and one of our Event Organizers will be in touch right away with a customized quotation that includes discounted corporate rates and an exciting full-day program for your next team building at Forest Club!

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